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chocolate aphrodisiac

Can Chocolate Act as an Aphrodisiac?

chocolate aphrodisiac

There’s no argument to the fact that letting a rich, creamy piece of chocolate melt in your mouth can be a very sensual experience, but is it really an aphrodisiac? An aphrodisiac is something that can arouse or intensify sexual desire, so if chocolate has that affect on you, then yes, it’s definitely an aphrodisiac!

The Sensual Act of Eating

Regardless of what’s in chocolate, just the luscious sensation of melting chocolate on your tongue may be enough for you to consider it an aphrodisiac. Loaded with cocoa butter, chocolate is fatty and sweet and irresistible to so many chocolate enthusiasts. The ritual of putting food in your mouth of any kind can be a very sensual process, so savouring something as delicious as chocolate can have quite an effect on people.

Chemical Effects from Chocolate Consumption

If chocolate as an aphrodisiac in response to its taste and texture isn’t proof enough for you, then consider the chemical composition of chocolate. It contains phenylethylamine which is a naturally occurring amino acid that your body secretes when you’re in love. Also containing dopamine and serotonin, chocolate provides natural pain killers that can increase your mood. Although levels of these chemicals can be fairly low and may be most prominent in purer forms of chocolate, their presence has been known to cause euphoria and increased sensitivity making the chocolate experience all the more sensual.

Chocolate Lovers Throughout History

Consumed originally as a beverage by the Aztecs and Mayans, it is said Emperor Montezuma II would drink goblets of chocolate before entering his harem for the stimulating and stamina boosting effects it held. Stories regarding Casanova using chocolate to seduce his lovers exist as well.

In French history, the Spanish Princess Maria Theresa offered chocolate to her fiancé King Louis XIV as an engagement gift and soon after it became a popular drink in his court. Madame de Pompadour is rumoured to have favoured chocolate as a means to encourage her desire for the king while Madame du Barry, on the other hand, would offer her lovers chocolate to stimulate their energy and excitement.

Whether or not chocolate can be called an aphrodisiac, it’s an undeniably delicious creation. If it stimulates feelings of pleasure, stamina, love, or lust in addition to just being plain tasty, it’s an added bonus to the already delightful effects of chocolate.

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