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List of Top Dark Chocolate Brands


Like everyone else who loves eating dark chocolates, each one of us surely has one favorite dark chocolate brand. Which is why here in Chocolate lovers we would like to post this article to give you guys information about world’s most famous Dark Chocolate list of brands in no particular order.

  • Russell Stover Dark Chocolate: Sugar Free, sweetened with Splenda
  • Guylian 54% cocoa, no sugar added
  • Dove Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate
  • Cadbury Royal Dark
  • Hershey’s Extra Dark Pure Dark Chocolate, 60% cacao
  • Valor Dark Chocolate, 70% cocoa
  • Theo Organic Dark Chocolate, 70% cacao
  • Valhrona Le Noir Amer 71% cacao
  • Dagoba Dark Chocolate, 59% cacao
  • Dagoba New Moon 74% cacao
  • Dagoba Eclipse 87% cacao
  • Endangered Species Organic Dark Chocolate, 70% cocoa
  • Endangered Species Chocolate All-Natural Supreme Dark Chocolate, 72% cocoa
  • Vivani 100% Organic Dark Chocolate, 72% cocoa content
  • Lindt 50% cocoa, Mild Dark
  • Lindt 85% cocoa, Extra Dark
  • Food Emporium Dark Belgian Chocolate $1.99
  • Food Emporium 72% Dark Belgian Chocolate
  • Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate, 85%
  • Simply Lite Dark Chocolate, Sugar Free, 50% cacao
  • Scharffen Berger Semisweet Fine Artisan Dark Chocolate, 62% cacao
  • Scharffen Berger Extra Dark 82% cacao
  • Hershey’s Special Dark
  • Ghiradelli Intense Dark Evening Dream, 60% cacao
  • Ghiradelli Intense Dark Midnight Reverie, 86% cacao
  • Ghiradelli Intense Dark Twilight Delight, 72% cacao
  • Simon Coll 70% cacao chocolate
  • Simon Coll 50% Cacao Chocolate
  • Simon Coll 54% Cacao Chocolate
  • Venchi Without Sugar, 75%
  • Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate
  • Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate 73% super dark
  • Trader Joe’s The Dark Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate Bar, 85% cacao
  • Sirius Pure Icelandic Chocolate, 56% bittersweet
  • Hachez 88% cocoa
  • Cote d’Or 86% Noir Brut Belgian Dark Chocolate Confection
  • Emergency Chocolate 55% cocoa


Most of this list were found in the internet. We made sure that these list are legit and from a reliable source.

If you guys think we missed some brands kindly let us know. Email us or follow us on facebook.

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Chocolate Crème brûlée Recipe by Paula Deen

When it comes to cooking, Chef Paula Deen is also one of the famous personalities that gain 5 star reviews from famous Food critics as well as  her website and her cooking show at Food Network.


Although she had been through a lot last year because of some issues, when she made her comeback, she couldn’t hold back her tears during her appearance in the Metro cooking and Entertainment show in Houston Texas.

We are really glad that she made it through those hard times. So we are congratulating her and for that we would like to share some of her famous recipes called Chocolate Crème brûlée.

creme brulee

Crème brûlée – also known as burnt cream, Crema Catalana or Trinity creme, is a dessert consisting of a rich custard based topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel and usually served at room temperature.

But in this case we add chocolates. How we do it?


  • 3 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 3/4 cup sugar plus 2 tablespoons
  • 1 (1 ounce) square unsweetened chopped chocolate
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons chocolate flavored liqueur
  • 1 tablespoons plus 1 and 1/2 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 8 egg yolks
DirectionsPreheat the oven to 300 degrees F.In a medium saucepan, combine the cream, 3/4 cup sugar, the chocolate, liqueur, cocoa, and vanilla. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, until bubbles form around the edges of the pan. Remove from the heat, and set aside.

In a large bowl, whisk the egg yolks until just combined. Gradually add some of the hot cream mixture into beaten egg yolks, to temper. Whisk the egg mixture into the remaining hot cream mixture, stirring constantly. If lumps form, pour the mixture into a bowl through a fine wire-mesh strainer. Evenly divide the mixture into 6 to 8 flameproof ramekins. Arrange the ramekins in a 13 by 9-inch baking dish, and fill the dish with 1 1/2 inches hot water. Bake until the custard has set and is firm, about 30 to 45 minutes. Let cool on wire racks, then wrap in heavy-duty plastic wrap and chill at least 6 to 8 hours.

Sprinkle each custard evenly with a little of the remaining 2 tablespoons sugar. Broil 5 1/2 inches from heat until sugar melts and becomes a caramel color. Remove the custards from the oven and let stand for 5 minutes to allow the sugar to harden. Sugar may also be browned with a professional culinary torch.

So…why don’t you try this at home! ^^ and share your experienced with us on facebook


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Enjoy your chocolate using your 5 senses!

imagesddAs we always say here in Chocolate lovers, chocolate is our best stress reliever, best way to cheer up and get energize! How we do it? Use your 5 senses! Why take time to use your 5 senses to fully appreciate your Chocolate?  Why don’t you try this little exercise to help you guys appreciate your chocolate even more better than you use to do:

Please have and hold your chocolate bar…….


First stage is Seeing. Take a look at your chocolate bar. Is the chocolate even in color and consistency? The surface of a good chocolate should have a silky clean cut to it.

The second stage involves your sense of touch. Using your fingers to feel the surface of your chocolate. The bar that you are holding should feel perfect. In other words smooth, slick, and firm.

Now it’s time to use your sense of hearing. Break off a piece of chocolate right by your ear. It should sound a little hard and should have a little crisp.That’s how it should sound. High quality chocolate have a firm compact structure and when they break, they break with a clearly audible snap. Incidentally, the edge of the break should be nice and smooth.

Fourth stage involves your sense of smell. Hold a piece of chocolate right in under your nose. Breath. That’s right breath in deeply (really take it in ^^) exhale smoothly. That’s how you should smell the chocolate’s full range of aromas. It might,  for example, had a scent of intense coco or milk or caramel, mocha or vanilla. In fact a cocoa bean has up to 400 different aromas.

Taste is of course the most intense experience of them all. Allow the chocolate melt slowly in your mouth. In high quality bitter sweet chocolates, the bitter, roasted and yet harmonious character will be dominant and with a little practice, you will be able to recognized a broad range of other flavors. For example, hints of dried fruits or liquorish or tobacco when you smell or when you eat it.

This fifth exercise is always the most enjoyable.  ^^ Don’t you agree?

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Best Hot Choco drinks from the “City that never sleep!”

If you want to have different kinds of chocolate experience everyday and you are living in the “city that never sleep” the one and only New York City,try to visit these 5 restaurant that best serves awesome Hot Choco cup!




200 Fifth AvenueNew York, NY 10010 (646) 398-5100 

Eataly opened their shop to the public last year (2013). Although few expected that they’ll be serving one of the best Hot choco in town well guess what they DO served one of the best Hot Choco in town! Try their Cioccolata con panna rich,dark and sweet without cloying topped with a dollop of fresh whip cream for an extra Big apple treat! ^^



62 Water Street Jacques

Brooklyn, NY 11201

(718) 875 – 9772



Check out Jacques Torres classic’s Hot choco made with 2% milk. Served fresh and piping hot, thick, rich melted chocolate that will surely create awesome impression for your first time visit!


CITY BAKERY  3080801865_b4f75d9870_o

3 West 18th Street

New York, NY 10011

(212) 366 – 1414



When you are a New Yorker , pretty sure you know City Bakery. Why? Because it is considered one of the prominent places where best Hot Choco is served. You might think that you are drinking a cup of melted dark choco bars topped with homemade marshmallows you just can’t resist! By the way, best to visit that place every Feb because their serving featured flavored Hot choco daily!




632 Manhattan Avenueimg_3190

Brooklyn, NY 11222

(718) 701 – 1630




Served their famous frothy flavorful  Hot Chocolate made with 99% cocoa and derived from the love of Michel Cluizel chocolate. They’re also famous from serving artisanal and organic ice cream.



116 West Houston Street

New York, NY 10012

(212) 995 – 0888



If you order their famous Hot Chocolate drink, they will served you gilded lily of hot chocolate made with heavy cream and milk that almost look like milkshake texture you can share with someone! You can probably say that it is a meal in a cup!


So if you are someone from New York and haven’t tried these shops and restaurants that Chocolate Lovers mentioned above, you’re missing out! And for those who are not from the Big apple but wanted to go there and have the time of your life, don’t forget to visit these places! I’m sure it’ll make your trip more memorable! ^^

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Chocolate Face Mask improves skin Hydration – Beauty tips!

chocolate-facialOn my way home, I was walking on the side of the road when some girls approached me and insist to hand me some flyers for their new spa treatment center that was established near my place. While enjoying my luscious Cadbury chocolate milk and listening music from my iPad at the same time, I was astonished with what I saw on their flyers that says they offer Chocolate Face Mask!

True, that I’m a sucker for Chocolates whether it’s dark chocolate or milk chocolate you name it! Everything Chocolate! But this…Chocolate Face Mask? Seriously? Well there’s only one way to find out! Google!!

Chocolates are not only delicious but also healthy right? We learned that from our past articles. But it is also good for skin! This fact caught my attention, how Chocolates can be use as a beauty product? I mean specifically..Face Mask?

Chocolate help improves Face and Skin Hydration

In the past few years Chocolates was once believed that when consumed it cause breakouts. But  studies now show that dark chocolates variety is actually good for our skin. A test was done by experts to women and gave them flavonoid powder (from dark chocolate) dissolved in water then let them go outside for an hour. After few more test, researchers found out that these flavonoids can absorb UV light, help protect and increase blood flow to the skin and improves skin’s hydration and complexion. (According to Journal of Nutrition)

Dr. Jessica Wu M.D a Los Angeles-based Dermatologist and author of Feed Your Face states that using chocolate face mask can help keep skin clear and hydrated “Since prepackaged face masks may contain salt or sugar particles with jagged edges that can scratch your skin, I recommend making your own chocolate face mask at home,”says Wu “They’re cheap to make and all natural so if you accidentally lick your lips, you know it’s safe enough to eat.”

Making your own Chocolate Face Mask is easy all you need is :

  • 2 bars of dark chocolate
  • 3 tablespoon of yogurt (to unclog pores)
  • 1 tablespoon of sea salt



  • Heat dark chocolate bars for 3 minutes in a boiler
  • In a separate bowl mix yogurt and sea salt and when the chocolate has already melted add then mix it well.

And there you have it! Your very own Chocolate Face Mask! Apply fingertips to clean, make sure to wear old t-shirt cause it can get messy, sit for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. Then see the difference! ^^ I’m already applying it myself while writing this article!




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Ancient use of Cocoa beans

aztecsWhile Cocoa has becoming more popular than any other beans, I was astonished about it’s usage from the ancient times. When Aztecs and Mayans shared their great history about their usage of Cocoa beans.

Here’s their  in depth story

Aztecs used Cocoa beans as….

Popular Drink – Of course like what we had from the past articles, Aztecs loves to drink Chocolate.  Actually serving chocolates played a special role both Mayans and Aztecs Royal and Religious events.

Currency – Cocoa beans were also used as currency.  To the people ruled by Aztecs that grow cocoa beans, they were ordered to pay them as tax or tribute.

Skin care – The oily layer floating in a Chocolate drink was used to protect their skin under the sun’s harmful race.

Offerings to Gods – Priest presented cocoa beans as offering to the gods and served Cocoa drinks during sacred ceremonies. They believed that cocoa is a divine origin. It was said that the cocoa tree was actually the bridge of heaven and earth. They believed  that they need to sacrifice to propitiate God or Sun by first giving him Chocolate.

Rituals – Aztecs believes that when they drink chocolates mortals can have some Quetzalcoatl’s wisdom. (God of learning and wind)

Children coming of age – When children comes of age they held ceremonies and give Chocolates to priest’s assistants.

Marriage Ceremonies – Couples drank a symbolic cup of chocolate and exchange cocoa beans.


Mayans used Cocoa beans as….

Popular Drink – Similar to Aztecs, Mayans used Cocoa beans to create chocolate drinks and it is their most famous drink too. Likely, Mayan royalties loves Chocolate drink, actually it’s their favorite too.

Rituals – Liquid chocolate stands for blood in their rituals for Honoring Mayan gods, and they consider it the “God Food”. They even had God of Cacao.

Honoring Dead people – When a Mayan ruler dies, they include cacao beans and various chocolate drink utensils to the tomb of the deceased ruler. They believed that doing this would make the ruler’s soul happy in the after life and still able to drink chocolate for prosperity.

Currency and Business – Although they don’t have stock exchange back then, they use cocoa beans to trade products to other neighboring country as well as currency and a tribute or tax similarly from Aztecs.

Marriage ceremony and baptismal – Like Aztecs, Mayan couple share a symbolic cup of chocolate for long life and lasting relationship even in the afterlife. Also when the baby mayan is born they ground cocoa beans and ground flowers and pure water to anoint little mayans.

Well there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading this article and gave you more information about the history of our famous chocolate drink and how ancient people used it in their everyday lives.

Have a nice day everyone!

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Stack of Chocolate

The Phases Through Which Cocoa Bean Passes to Become Chocolate

Stack of ChocolateChocolate is a product that today is appreciated by people of all ages. The ingredients used for making chocolate are crucial for the final quality and type of the product obtained, but the production techniques can matter as well. The first step can be to choose the type of cocoa bean. Then, other steps lead to the molding phase. All these chocolate production phases are important for the final result, which is obtaining a high quality chocolate that has an intense taste and a pleasant flavor.

Choosing the Cocoa Bean and the Processing Phase

For obtaining a top quality chocolate, you should choose cocoa bean that is cultivated in West Africa and South America. After bean selection, the next step is harvesting. The bean is taken out from its pods and fermented. Drying and roasting the bean are the next important phases. By eliminating the shells, cocoa can be revealed. The chocolate liquor is made from the cocoa nibs. Through crushing, the nibs liquefy. Cocoa butter and solids are part of the liquid, but they can be separated through pressing. The alternatives to pressing can be molding and hardening, through which unsweetened chocolate is made.

The Production Phase of Various Chocolate Types

For obtaining the fine chocolate that people usually consume and that has become so popular today, the following ingredients are mixed: cocoa butter, cocoa solids, vanilla and different other flavors, according to each recipe. Milk must be used too, in case a milk chocolate is made. In dark chocolate, vanilla and sugar are usually added. In order to obtain white chocolate, the solids and the liquor are eliminated. Ingredients like cocoa butter, milk and its derivatives and sugar are used. For more customization, there is a multitude of additives, flavor and emulsifiers to use, but the company that manufactured the chocolate decides what is added.

The Refining Process and the Final Adjustments

After all the ingredients have been used and all the necessary processing has been performed, the final texture must be obtained. This texture is what you see when you buy the product, which means it must be creamy and smooth. But, for obtaining the texture, a couching process follows. This is the refining process and the more refining the chocolate gets, the finer its texture will be. The final adjustments are made through a procedure called tempering, which consists of heating the chocolate and cooling it. The formation of cocoa butter crystals is managed through different ways of cooling and heating. Tempering determines the pliability and firmness of the chocolate.

The Final Product and Packaging

The final product will have a fine and glossy sheen if every process has been respected, especially the tempering. In the last stage, a moldable chocolate is obtained that can be modeled in the way that is desired. The best examples of forms obtained can be: chunks, bars, blocks, or chips. Once the product is finished, it is packaged properly, according to standards in the field. Then, the chocolate is shipped anywhere around the world, in different forms, as gifts, or just as treats for consumers.

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Chocolate Duo

Solomon’s Chocolate Dessert Creations

Now I am very proud of my High School classmate who is now a pâtissier (Pastry Chef ) at Holland America Line his name is Mr. Ernesto Solomon Jr.

FYI: In France and Belgium a  pâtisserie or pâtissier is a French term for a pastry chef who has completed a lengthy training process, typically an apprenticeship and pass a written examinatation.

And by the way Holland America Line is a holiday cruise line based in Seattle and it has been owned by Carnival since 1989.

Anyway surprised of his achievements, my attention was caught by his eye catching Chocolate cake creation photos that he posted on Facebook not too long ago. Of course I was hoping that he would respond to my messages despite of not having any communications with him for so many years, so when he finally said “Yes!” I am completely hyped up and immediately opened my laptop and started typing.

I asked him this…

Chocolate Lovers writer- “Ernie what inspires you to be in this line of profession?I mean do you always want to become a Pastry Chef?”

Ernie – “I love sweets specially Chocolates and I love baking. I was also surprised that I was able to be in this position right now and truth is I’m still a rookie so I aim for more opportunities and I also aim to become better to where I am good at. My family and my wife has been very supportive ever since so I guess that make sense why I was able to be here and that was my inspiration.”

Very well said! We just had a short chats and I totally understand that certainly he wouldn’t become the person he is now if he’s not fully motivated. I believe his creation reflects his inspirations. So without any further ado here it is..his Chocolate Duo and Chocolate Galaxy!

Chocolate Duo

Chocolate Duo

Base : Chocolate Brownies

Second layer : White Chocolate Mousse

Third layer : Dark Chocolate Mousse

Covering : Dark Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Galaxy

chocolate galaxy

Base : Chocolate Meringue

First Layer : Chocolate Mousse

Second Layer : Chocolate Meringue

Fourth Layer : Chocolate Mousse

Covering : Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Decor : Chocolate Brittle and berries


This is an exclusive recipe of Mr. Solomon for Holland America Line but if you are interested on how to make this recipe please email us at okarren for a copy of the recipe.

Indeed we are grateful for giving us an opportunity to be the first to showcase Mr. Solomon’s creations. He is determined to create his own name in this field. Maybe one of the greatest pâtissier in the world. Who knows?^^


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Sweetest History

imagesCan I ask you a very important question? Do you have any idea about Who discovered chocolate?

I had this question ever since I can remember. Truth be told, I never exerted any efforts to dig for answers until today. They say that the more things you knew about something, the more you see it’s value and appreciate it even better.

I’d say it is TRUE.

Liking something is one thing. Knowing it’s history is another. But when combined, it helps us see the importance of that “something” even better.Have you tried asking yourself like How much do you know about chocolate?Where it came from? Who is the genius that discovered chocolate?

Lemme give a quick summary of

Chocolate History

Until now  there has been a debate on where cocoa seeds originated. Whether it is from Amazon, Brazil, Central America or Africa, no one knows. But what we DO know is that the person who made the world know about the existence of this fine beans was the famous Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez.

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On his visit to the Aztec’s Territory, their native leaders whom they called tiachcahuan served him a dark-colored drink which Aztecs called “xocolātl” or “xocolati” which means “bitter water”. It was not certain how the word “Chocolate” was introduced into Spanish and entered English language from that. But the taste was so intriguing in his tongue that he took some samples of these beans and brought it back to Spain and served it to the King, which he immediately loved. Since then it was served to the royal family. Eventually they added cane sugar to every glass that create a more interesting taste and served it to every royalties who visits the palace. (Well what do you know, back then Chocolate drink are for Royalties only!) Since they noticed that it is well loved and consumed by the royal highness and the royal family, they decided to start planting Cocoa seeds and it became a very profitable business.

However, they kept it in secret from the rest of Europe for many years until some Spanish workers from the plantation leaked the information to the neighbor countries. That’s when Europe started to plant cocoa and establish plantation business.

  • 1657 – It was the year chocolate drink houses was build for rich and aristocrats.
  • 1828 – More developments and improvements has been made with chocolates and introduced to people.
  • 19th Century – The first chocolate bar was created by John Cadbury. He developed a emulsification process to make solid chocolates. When machines were created, people started to consume chocolates worldwide until now in our modern age.


Wow…to think that back then chocolate was only for Aristocrats and Rich people!! Thank goodness that’s not how it is today!


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Women and Chocolates!

Heard this kind of conversation between couples?

Wife: Do you still love me?

Husband: Yes. Of course!

Wife: You never give me flowers and chocolates anymore and you don’t take me out on a date!! hmmmp!!

Husband: tsk! Women….(sigh)

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve heard this type of conversation many times before. It seems that women craves for chocolate more than men. Why do I think that way? Because in my 25 years of existence, I have never met any guy who craves for chocolate like women does or being more specific craves like I do. I mean I know some guys who “likes and eat chocolates” but guy who “craves” for chocolates? I think it’s a very rare sight. If you know one, guess you’re fortunate.

So I have been wondering “again” (hehehe) why do women crave for chocolate more than men? I found some interesting answers on the web and you might want to read this for your own reference.

It is because of this reasons:

Serotonin Levels

Women specially during menstrual period experienced this kind of cravings. Surveys found out that 7 out of 10 women during or before their menstrual cycle craves for dark chocolates, specially melted dark chocolates.Experts believed that when women, 7 to 10 days prior to their menstrual periods experienced lower Serotonin levels, that’s where their craving becomes powerful because at those times eating chocolate increases Serotonin levels on your brain. Serotonin was defined as the neurotransmitter that is accountable for mood transition.

Blood Sugar Levels

Another reason why women craves for chocolate is because of their low blood sugar levels,if their blood sugar levels has fallen, eating chocolate provides them a hit of sugar that they need for quick energy. Dark chocolate can stabilized blood sugar levels because it is low on glycemic index.  So if you’re moody and irritable, stressed or tired most specially between meals and you have chocolate cravings, it must be due to your low blood sugar levels.

Menstrual Cycle

Some researchers believes that women’s craving for chocolates during or prior their menstrual cycle is a cultural phenomenon. For example American women craves for chocolate more than women from other countries or nationalities. Why? They’re concerned about high levels of sugar and fat in chocolate so they consider it an indulgence.

Although some experts believes that this cravings and phenomenons are all due to psychological effect of premenstrual symptoms. You know so they can have valid reasons to eat more chocolates.

There are still issues regarding this “psychological theory” since some experts don’t accept that.

But for me well, I couldn’t say that this chocolate cravings are phenomenal only in US because here where I live I know a lot women who loves chocolate so much and they’re not Americans. I also experience chocolate cravings prior and during my cycle and it made me feel energize because I usually felt weak and no-energy at all to do anything so whether it’s because of low blood sugar levels or low serotonin levels or it’s just some psycho theory…we got to admit that Chocolate is just plain good!! ^_^ ain’t that right?






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Facts about your Favorite Chocolates

I’m sure you have already found so many websites that talks different Facts about Chocolates. Some talks about healthy facts, others share delicious and fun facts, and you might found sites that discussed about interesting chocolate facts.

Some says that:

  • Chocolate is high in caffeine and has high amount of saturated fat and bad for cholesterol.
  • Chocolate don’t have nutritional value and it causes cavities.


Fact #1 : True, Chocolate once consumed, can give us energy we need, in other words can perk you up, regular coffee has 65-135mg of caffeine while decaf coffee contains 6mg of caffeine that can also be obtain from drinking 8-ounce of chocolate milk and eating 1.4ounce of chocolate bar.

Fact # 2 : Another thing is Stearic Acid found in milk chocolates doesn’t raise cholesterol levels. In fact eating chocolate bar compare to carbohydrate-rich snack increases HDL or Good Cholesterol.

Fact #3 : Dark Chocolate contains Polyphenol, Theobromine and a good source of copper, iron, magnesium and zinc. It has anti-oxidants, power to relieve stress and helps improves insulin resistance. See post Jan 19 2014 – Cocoa Polyphenol – Can save us from Cancer and Neurodegenerative diseases! and Nov 3 2013 Post – Top 5 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Fact # 4 : Cavities are caused by acids that eats through the enamel of tooth. These acids were formed when bacteria in our mouth metabolized sugar and starches from types of food like pasta,rice,juice,candy, bread,rice and soda. Understandable that candy alone is not responsible for cavities nor Chocolates can caused cavities.

Facts # 5 : Smelling Chocolate’s aroma increases our brain waves which makes us feel relaxed and calm. (I tried and tested, it really works!)

Other Facts about Chocolates are:

Fact #6 : The word Chocolate was first recorded and adopted as an English word back in 1604.

Fact #7 : Average Americans consumes more than 10 pounds of chocolate every year!

Fact #8 : Dark Chocolates are healthier than milk chocolates according to World Health Organization.

Well there you have it!

I really love reading articles that share useful information and can help us for our every day lives. Considering these Facts, I hope people who read this article understands the truth.

We respect other opinions and we don’t want to interfere from the issues regarding disadvantages of Chocolates. We don’t want conflicts either.  Instead we are hoping that to people who has negative feedback regarding Chocolates, may find this informative and help them change their views, although we wont force you to do it.

Happy weekend everyone!!



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Chocolate – a Gift from God.

Hello again everyone!

While I was on a trip to a local province few miles from my hometown I had the time to think about my next article. One that pops to my mind is I was actually wondering why I really love Chocolates specially bitter-sweet dark chocolates. Now I’m fortunate enough to found some answers through my personal preferences and a little web research which I’m very excited to share with you guys.

First of all I believed that God wants us to enjoy his creations and manage to gives us great things such as Life itself and Nature. What does it mean?

Well think about this :  Imagine life without music? colors? variety of foods and flavor that we can enjoy? or last but not the least human socialization? Or Imagine all the food has the same texture, color and flavor? We can still survive without these things for sure but wouldn’t life be that boring or unsatisfiable? or worst lifeless?

Instead of doing that, God created everything that is “good-to-the-eye” that we can have so many different types of food.

Cocoa is one of them.

When humans discovered these fruit and develop different types of recipes out of it like chocolates, I’m sure you all agree that it was one of the greatest discovery that has ever made. Plus when it was discovered that it has a lot of health benefits, people couldn’t get enough of it.

Unfortunately when it is not used or consumed properly of course it may have some disadvantages. For some, Chocolates can be addictive, that is why we have what we called CHOCOHOLICS. Some identifies it as an aphrodisiac. From others personal experience it is a source of obesity. Others believe that it can be a stimulant. Expert believed that it can help our cardiovascular system and may even prevent cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. And For us ordinary people it is one of the simple pleasures of life, it is our other way to deal with stress.

Whatever reasons we have, it is certain that God wants us to have it and enjoy. I mean, he will never create things that might harm us. It’s up to people how they would want to deal with it. But only with the proper guidance and discipline we can experience great pleasure from his creations.

I personally view Chocolates as a gift from God and I thank him more than ever for always looking after us. ^_^ Happy weekend everyone!!

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