Chocolate – a Gift from God.

Hello again everyone!

While I was on a trip to a local province few miles from my hometown I had the time to think about my next article. One that pops to my mind is I was actually wondering why I really love Chocolates specially bitter-sweet dark chocolates. Now I’m fortunate enough to found some answers through my personal preferences and a little web research which I’m very excited to share with you guys.

First of all I believed that God wants us to enjoy his creations and manage to gives us great things such as Life itself and Nature. What does it mean?

Well think about this :  Imagine life without music? colors? variety of foods and flavor that we can enjoy? or last but not the least human socialization? Or Imagine all the food has the same texture, color and flavor? We can still survive without these things for sure but wouldn’t life be that boring or unsatisfiable? or worst lifeless?

Instead of doing that, God created everything that is “good-to-the-eye” that we can have so many different types of food.

Cocoa is one of them.

When humans discovered these fruit and develop different types of recipes out of it like chocolates, I’m sure you all agree that it was one of the greatest discovery that has ever made. Plus when it was discovered that it has a lot of health benefits, people couldn’t get enough of it.

Unfortunately when it is not used or consumed properly of course it may have some disadvantages. For some, Chocolates can be addictive, that is why we have what we called CHOCOHOLICS. Some identifies it as an aphrodisiac. From others personal experience it is a source of obesity. Others believe that it can be a stimulant. Expert believed that it can help our cardiovascular system and may even prevent cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. And For us ordinary people it is one of the simple pleasures of life, it is our other way to deal with stress.

Whatever reasons we have, it is certain that God wants us to have it and enjoy. I mean, he will never create things that might harm us. It’s up to people how they would want to deal with it. But only with the proper guidance and discipline we can experience great pleasure from his creations.

I personally view Chocolates as a gift from God and I thank him more than ever for always looking after us. ^_^ Happy weekend everyone!!


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