Chocolate that describes you!

Sound’s familiar? “You are what you eat!”

Simple. It is what it is. When you indulge yourself often on a certain type of chocolate or someone closed to you loves to eat a particular chocolate then expert says you can tell yours as well as other people’s personalities from that…

Here’s a run-down of the types of chocolate, so pick one and scroll down to see if it matches yours!

1. Bitter chocolatePowerful. If you picked bitter chocolate, chances are you have an intense personality – powerful and dramatic. A true visionary, you are excited about the future, respected for what you do and what you stand for and materialistic at times. A problem solver, you are also energetic, make decisions quickly and are open-minded. Friendships are important to you and you don’t like to be alone.



2. White chocolateCreative. If you picked white chocolate, you’re the creative sort who goes for the path less trodden. Unconventional and fascinating, you’re dreamy and probably don’t do what’s expected of you. You might have been told off in school for day-dreaming and can come off as flaky, but the truth is, your whimsy and artistic side is an inspiration to those who know it. A thinker, you love being by yourself and don’t like forced social situations such as parties full of strangers.



3. Milk chocolateMellow. If you picked milk chocolate, you’re a sweet, innocent sort who’s easily satisfied. Not one for the overly intense or dramatic, you’re a child at heart who sometimes longs for the past. You have an inborn sense of fairness and are a career-minded person, love working, being part of the action, being successful and in-charge. When bored, you feel helpless. You may come across as withdrawn and slightly aloof.



4. Dark chocolate - Classy. If you picked dark chocolate, it’s not surprising that you are sophisticated, modern, and refined. Despite that, you are not a fussy person. A down-to-earth sort, you are lovable, tolerant, understanding and a true friend. You enjoy living a full life, filled with adventure and lots going on. More of a do-er than a thinker, you feel a bit lost when things are quiet.




Pretty cool huh? So which one best describes you??






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