Flourless Chocolate Cake! Yum yum yum!

Okay! Usually we usually bake cakes and cupcakes using flour (lots of flour)  and baking powder so why is this recipe different? Oh I tell you why! It’s because this Chocolate cake is FLOUR LESS!

How? Could it be possible? Well if you have read some of our past articles we do showcase our Tiramizu recipe which is also a “No bake chocolate cake recipe.” No flour involve. Hahaha

So now you ask how to make this luscious dessert without FLOUR? Here’s how:

You will need these

  • 12 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 12 ounces bittersweet chocolate
  • 3 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 8 large eggs (separated)
  • 2/3 cup brown sugar (packed)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 1 tablespoon cooking oil or 1 tablespoon cooking spray, for greasing pan
  • 2 tablespoons flour or 2 tablespoons rice flour, for dusting pan
Preheat oven to 325°F.

Oil and flour a 9-inch spring form cake round.

Cut a piece of wax paper or parchment to fit inside the bottom of the pan, place the paper in the bottom of the pan.

In a double-boiler on gentle heat, melt the butter and chocolate together until smooth.

Set aside to cool slightly.

In a clean mixing bowl (make sure there is no oil residue on the bowl or mixer attachments) beat the egg whites until they become cloudy and frothy; about 30 seconds.

Continue beating while adding the brown sugar and cream of tartar.

Beat until stiff peaks form be careful not to over beat–this is most important!

If the eggs curdle, throw them away and start over with new egg whites, seriously.

Whisk the egg yolks and vanilla into the melted chocolate mixture in a large mixing bowl.

Gently fold the egg whites into the chocolate (start by folding in about 1/3rd of the whites, then gently fold in the remaining whites), the mixture should end up fluffy and light.

Pour into the prepared pan.

Wrap the bottom of the pan with foil and place the pan in a deep cooking sheet with about 1/2 to 1 inch of water in it.

Bake the cake for about 60-70 minutes or until it passes the toothpick test.

Remove cake from oven and allow to cool for about an hour.

Gently run a knife around the edge of the pan, and then carefully invert the cake onto a flat plate or other surface.

Remove the paper from the bottom (now the top) of the cake.

Invert again onto the final plate for displaying the cake.

The cake can be eaten right away but it may fall slightly when it is cut for best results, it should be refrigerated for at least 6 hours before serving.


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