Fried Chocolate Gyoza – Yankumi’s Recipe

I really love Gyoza!  I mean I’m not Japanese and I’m not even half (If you know what I mean) but I really love Gyoza! Augh! I can’t even explain why. It’s just just just reallyyyy good! Hahaha

Okay! Now you ask what is gyoza? For those who don’t know yet, it is of course a famous japanese recipe. Originally it is a Japanese dish consisting of wonton wrappers stuffed with pork and cabbage. So? Why talk about gyoza when this site is all about Chocolates?

Of course! I love Chocolates! So I thought, can I just use wonton wrappers and melt some chocolates then wrapped it all together and make Chocolate Gyoza??? Why not eh?? Don’t judge!!

I was thinking if there are any recipes in the net that shows how to make it and google always has it! Google has it! Google never let me down tehee!


You’re going to need these things:

  • 2 parts dark chocolate, at least 70% (For two people 40 grams of chocolate is enough)
  • 1 part dried figs
  • 1 part walnuts
  • Gyoza wrappers*
  • Coconut oil
  • Icing sugar (optional)


To the make the filling either finely chop the chocolate, fried figs and walnuts, or blitz in a mini food processor.



Take a gyoza wrapper; place a heaped teaspoon of filling mixture in the centre, run a little water around the outer few centimetres of the wrapper, fold and gently press together. You can crimp by hand or use one of those nifty cheap plastic gyoza presses from an Asian grocery store. Repeat until you have the desired number of gyoza.

Heat a frying pan on medium. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil (really this is the best oil for the job) and place as many gyoza as you can in the pan. It’s ok for them to snuggle up next to each other. Cook for about 3 minutes on the first side, flip over, then another 2 minutes on the other. Or til just golden.

Plate up. Dust with icing sugar if desired and eat while hot.

Now I told myself that I should try at least one new recipe every week and if I have time maybe two recipes in a week depends on the mood ^_^ so I did this last week and it taste awesome!!!!


Thumbs up!


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