Is there such thing as Chocolate Haters?

Sad to say…YES! We do have those kind of people. They exist.  But let’s not judge them immediately. Let’s give them the so called “Benefit of the doubt.”


First let’s talk about some random bloggers who wrote these things about Chocolates (for peace sake, we did not include their sites on this article.)

Someone says...“I really kinda feel sorry for the chocolate lovers: they also go for the chocolate flavor! Ignoring and missing all the other good and beautiful tastes that God has created.”

One girl says….“I’ve never really given a damn about chocolate, it’s weird brown skwooshy food that melts. What’s the big deal? What I truly hate though is when people (particularly women, which is annoying as it makes me embarrassed of my own sex) declare loudly “OMG I NEED CHOCOLATE!” Erm, no, you don’t. Now Milky Bars, I love, and like you I’m always being told that they’re not chocolate. In which case, I hereby declare my love of solidified milk and vast quantities of sugar.”

Another lady says…“LOVE YOU! I hate chocolate AND coffee and for some reason people are always shocked when I say that, they mock my taste, etc. I had yet to meet somebody who didn’t like chocolate, I feel so much better now. Thank you for writing this. Chocolate haters unite.”

Hmmmm….for Chocoholic people the reaction you can get when reading this will be, “The Horror!” or “Those aren’t humans at all!”

From what we think here at Chocolate Lovers dot info, the reason behind this is simply a “matter of choices” although  there’s a possible scientific explanation about this type of behavior, but it’s definitely a “Matter of Choices” which everyone has the privilege of…

Whatever reason they have for hating chocolates and for whatever reason WE have for loving such a wonderful food, it’s up to us! No need to forced those who don’t eat Chocolates to try one since their hate might grew larger and instead of helping them you’ll only make them hate it more, just let them be…mind your own business! For those who hate chocolates, there’s no need to hate it that much, we understand your feelings and we totally respect that.

We couldn’t agree more to this statement given by some random blogger…

“i think it makes sense that not liking chocolate and not liking coffee would go hand in hand. and it is ridiculous for people to try to get you to eat it just because THEY like it. (i’m not a hater of either coffee or chocolate, but not a huge fan, either…give me pecans or caramel, mmmm). it’s like when my brother-in-law tried to share his crawfish with me. NO THANK YOU! please don’t waste your time trying to get me to eat it, just enjoy it on your own.”

Make sense??

Watch out for part II of this article ^_^

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