The benefits from Chocolate + Carrot juice

Hate veggies? You don’t like carrots? But you are a certified Chocoholic! What now?

If you’re a mother and your kids hated veggies sooo much that they almost hated you as well because you’ve been trying to force them to at least “eat their carrots”? Then mommy, you need to read this article!

People nowadays are not satisfied with just juices alone. Agree? So they’ve  come up with countless extraordinary ideas and over the time they have developed and spread the creativity all over the world.

What am I mumbling about?

Chocolate Fruit juices and Chocolate vegetable juices! Yeah! Combined together! Can you believed it? At first I thought yeah right? What does it taste like?

But when I had my first sip of my home-made Chocolate-Carrot juice…omo! It taste really delicious! No kidding! (For me at least) hahahaha


You just need to have these things:

  • 2 Cups freshly pressed carrot juice (it is hard to count carrots)
  • 1/2 large fennel (anise) bulb
  • 6 drops Vanilla NuStevia
  • 1 tbsp unsweetened carob powder
  • 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 tsp cinnamon

Blend. Serve over ice.

This beverage offers full health benefits and you wont have any problem feeding your child their most hated carrot juice because they wont even recognize that it was a real carrot juice! Of course it has their favorite chocolate in it so they wont mind!

The best part here is it is not only for the kids to enjoy but for adults as well whose having a hard time eating veggies but needs to be healthy or dealing with some health problems.

Remember Carrots are usually associated with night vision improvement. The benefit of carrot juice actually covers a much wider field. This rich source of beta-carotene, converted into vitamin A in your body, also has an antioxidant arsenal that targets heart health, and cancer cells.

High carotenoid intake is associated lowered risks of many cancers. This is where the beta-carotene and other similar elements in carrots, play such a vital role. There is proof that synthetic forms of vitamin A do not offer the same benefit, as deriving it from carrot juice.

So instead serving artificial juices to your family (special within anti-veggies family members) why not try this? You’re not just helping your family become healthy, you’re also letting them enjoy their chocolates! Right?







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