Women and Chocolates!

Heard this kind of conversation between couples?

Wife: Do you still love me?

Husband: Yes. Of course!

Wife: You never give me flowers and chocolates anymore and you don’t take me out on a date!! hmmmp!!

Husband: tsk! Women….(sigh)

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve heard this type of conversation many times before. It seems that women craves for chocolate more than men. Why do I think that way? Because in my 25 years of existence, I have never met any guy who craves for chocolate like women does or being more specific craves like I do. I mean I know some guys who “likes and eat chocolates” but guy who “craves” for chocolates? I think it’s a very rare sight. If you know one, guess you’re fortunate.

So I have been wondering “again” (hehehe) why do women crave for chocolate more than men? I found some interesting answers on the web and you might want to read this for your own reference.

It is because of this reasons:

Serotonin Levels

Women specially during menstrual period experienced this kind of cravings. Surveys found out that 7 out of 10 women during or before their menstrual cycle craves for dark chocolates, specially melted dark chocolates.Experts believed that when women, 7 to 10 days prior to their menstrual periods experienced lower Serotonin levels, that’s where their craving becomes powerful because at those times eating chocolate increases Serotonin levels on your brain. Serotonin was defined as the neurotransmitter that is accountable for mood transition.

Blood Sugar Levels

Another reason why women craves for chocolate is because of their low blood sugar levels,if their blood sugar levels has fallen, eating chocolate provides them a hit of sugar that they need for quick energy. Dark chocolate can stabilized blood sugar levels because it is low on glycemic index.  So if you’re moody and irritable, stressed or tired most specially between meals and you have chocolate cravings, it must be due to your low blood sugar levels.

Menstrual Cycle

Some researchers believes that women’s craving for chocolates during or prior their menstrual cycle is a cultural phenomenon. For example American women craves for chocolate more than women from other countries or nationalities. Why? They’re concerned about high levels of sugar and fat in chocolate so they consider it an indulgence.

Although some experts believes that this cravings and phenomenons are all due to psychological effect of premenstrual symptoms. You know so they can have valid reasons to eat more chocolates.

There are still issues regarding this “psychological theory” since some experts don’t accept that.

But for me well, I couldn’t say that this chocolate cravings are phenomenal only in US because here where I live I know a lot women who loves chocolate so much and they’re not Americans. I also experience chocolate cravings prior and during my cycle and it made me feel energize because I usually felt weak and no-energy at all to do anything so whether it’s because of low blood sugar levels or low serotonin levels or it’s just some psycho theory…we got to admit that Chocolate is just plain good!! ^_^ ain’t that right?






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4 Responses to “Women and Chocolates!”

  1. Hapuch25 says:

    thank you for this info. I was also wondering why I crave for chocolates before and during my period. That explains why. Good job!

    • chumpzkie25 says:

      Glad to keep you informed. please take time to read other articles as well… ^_^

  2. Akimoto-Hideo-kun32 says:

    Yeah my girlfriend was like that hahaha I dont understand it before but now I know. Thanks.


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